The NYS Center for Rural Schools builds Knowledge through high quality and interdisciplinary research on timely problems facing rural New York State schools and the communities they serve.

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Shared Services Brief for School Districts: Shared School Services: A Common Response to Fiscal Stress (2/2014)

Shared Services Brief for Municipalities: Shared Services in New York State (8/2013)


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Shared Services

Shared Services Brief for School Districts: Shared School Services: A Common Response to Fiscal Stress (2/2014)

Shared Services Brief for Municipalities: Shared Services in New York State (8/2013)


APPR (e.g., Teacher Evaluation)

CaRDI Brief Explaining APPR for a lay audience: What is the new APPR system & What do New Yorkers think?

A study from The Education Policy Center at Michigan State University about Findings and Preliminary Recommendations from the Michigan State and Indiana University Research Study of Value-Added Models to Evaluate Teacher Performance (12/2013)

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NYSED Guide to the Reorganization of School Districts in New York State

School District Reorganization Brief:  Expanding the options for small rural school districts in NY State (2/2009)

CaRDI Rural NY Minute Brief: School Consolidation: What do New Yorkers Think? (11/2009)

A study from the Center for American Progress on national school district consolidation (8/2013)


Common Core

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Rockefeller Institute Talk on Educ Insolvency by Dr. Sipple (10/4/13)

NYSCOSS talk by Dr. Sipple (9/23/13)

Hudson Valley Pattern For Progress talk by Dr. Sipple (7/31/13)

2013 RSA Summer Conference Presentation by Dr. Sipple

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