The New York State Center for Rural Schools has developed a set of Interactive Data Tools using an Integrated Data System in partnership with Cornell’s Program in Applied Demographics (PAD), the Community and Rural Development Institute (CaRDI), and Prism Decision Systems, with the guidance and financial support of the Rural Schools Association of New York State (RSA).

Uses for Data Tools:


Useful Data Sites:

PAD Data download for data populating our Data Tools

Data Quality Campaign

School District Tools

U.S. Census Bureau

School District Demographics System

Latest ACS school district profile: The latest information from the American Community Survey (2007-2011, 5-year estimates)

Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates by school district: The estimates provided here are only for school districts identified in the U.S. Census Bureau’s school district mapping project. The school district boundary update is conducted biennially and identifies school districts that are eligible for Title I funding under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

Latest county profile: The latest information from the American Community Survey (2007-2011, 5-year estimates)

Mapping Tools

Interactive Maps

Prepared NYS maps with School District Boundaries

NYS County Mapping Tool

Interactive Map of NYS’s Legislative Boundaries and School Enrollments

  • Interactive Map of the new 2012 Legislative Boundaries. You can quickly view the new legislative districts, the total number of students, and the percentage of rural students in each legislative district. To use the map, simply turn on or off the desired layer(s) (via check box) on the right hand side. View the full map in a new window.
  • Interactive Map produced by the National Center for Education Statistics. Despite allowing only limited mapping of census data, it does allow mapping of school building locations. View the full map in a new window.


Other Maps

  • County Maps: An interactive map with selected County statistics including population growth, birthrate, and unemployment rate.
  • School District Maps: An interactive map with selected school district indicators