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Op-Ed piece written by Sean Brady and John Sipple in support of Open Data – published in several news outlets. 

Sipple J W, Vink J, Francis J, Williams J, Morgan J, Brady S, Tait A (2012). Making data open & useful: providing enhanced access to public data through web and app tools to facilitate better local decisionmaking. Presented at 6th International Technology, Education and Development Conference, Valencia, Spain, 5-7 March 2012.

News story by Cornell on the new Data Tools!

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Building the data capacity of local school and community leaders.

A climate of increased fiscal stress and property tax caps for communities and school districts across New York State has developed in recent years. Comprehensive and up-to-date County and School District data on these issues can help school and community leaders to make informed decisions and effectively plan for their future.

3arrows_smThe Integrated Data System links community demographics, school enrollments, achievement and district financial data, local property tax revenues, and many other measures relevant to school management and leadership. The NYS Center for Rural centralizes and optimizes these data tools for practical use by disaggregating all measures by NYS counties and school districts.

Periodic training workshops can be requested and scheduled. If interested in organizing a training session, please contact Prof. John Sipple (

The Center needs to offer a big Thank You to the Rural Schools Association of NYS for their ongoing financial support of these tools.