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spacer The New York State Center for Rural Schools has developed an Integrated Data System in partnership with Cornell's Program in Applied Demographics (PAD) and Community and Rural Development Institute (CaRDI) with the guidance of the Rural Schools Association of New York State (RSA).

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Building the data capacity of local school and community leaders.

A climate of increased fiscal stress and property tax caps for communities and school districts across New York State has developed in recent years. Comprehensive and up-to-date County and School District data on these issues can help school and community leaders to make informed decisions and effectively plan for their future.

The Integrated Data System links community demographics, school enrollments, achievement and district financial data, local property tax revenues, and many other measures relevant to school management and leadership. The NYS Center for Rural centralizes and optimizes these data tools for practical use by disaggregating all measures by NYS counties and school districts. Periodic training workshops will be held.

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By District (All tools that use NYSED Financial Profile data are now updated with 2010-2011 data, 12/2/12)

By County

  • Maps: An interactive map with selected County statistics including population growth, birthrate, and unemployment rate.
  • Projections: Population size and characteristics, projected until 2035
  • Latest county profile: The latest information from the American Community Survey (2005-2009 5-year estimates)
  • Recent trends: Data from select demographic and economic annual time series
  • Historic trends: Data from the latest decenial Census, compared with data from past censuses
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  • ** NEW** Interactive Map of the new 2012 Legislative Boundaries. You can quickly view the new legislative districts, the total number of students, and the percentage of rural students in each legislative district. To use the map, simply turn on or off the desired layer(s) (via check box) on the right hand side. Click here to view full map in a new window.

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